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blush pink holiday decor

When I was growing up, the day after Thanksgiving was always when my mom brought out all of our Christmas decorations. We would turn on some holiday jams while we put up our tree and all the rest of the seasonal decor. My poor dad always got stuck untangling all of the lights (the main reason why I bought this pre-lit tree) and my mom, my brother and I would hang the ornaments.

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve getting ready for Christmas with my family. I loved going through our boxes of things that only came out once a year, and transforming our house into what at the time felt like a winter wonderland. To this day, even though I live in a small apartment, I always decorate for the holidays because of the warm and fuzzy feelings it still brings me (cheesy, I know).

Since decorating for Christmas is so near and dear to my heart, I wanted to share with you guys a little peek at my decor this season with a few more of my picks. I just got this cozy fur throw this year and I’m loving these pretty pink stockings. Happy holidays, y’all! Be on the lookout for more festive, seasonal posts coming soon!


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