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Photos by Brandon Hill

Nope, not a bride… Just a girl who loves white dresses and flowers. A romantic white dress isn’t just for weddings! This beautiful lace maxi is under $125 and practically begging to be worn to a spring soirée or semi-formal event. However, if white isn’t your thing it does also comes in black.

Besides my obsession with white dresses, the other selling point for me on this maxi stunner is how comfortable it is. Oftentimes when I get dressed up to go somewhere I wind up being uncomfortable at some point. It seems like something is always either falling down, too tight, or itchy. The list goes on and on… The struggle is real y’all!

But, not with this dress. The lace fabric is lightweight, soft, and semi stretchy for maximum comfort. The one thing I will mention though is that it is completely sheer in the back. I’d recommend wearing a sticky bra or one that is the same color as the dress like I did.

Lastly, this post just wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning these beautiful blooms. They were gifted to me by FTD flowers, an online flower delivery service. They have a huge selection, and you can even shop by occasion. Mother’s Day is this weekend.. Just sayin! As always, the outfit details are linked up down below. Happy hump day!


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