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Photos by Lyda McIver

While I do think that color makes life exciting, I have to admit that I’m a real sucker for neutrals. Grays, nudes, browns, and various shades of black are my jam. I’m also a big fan of the color white, and I’m excited that we are finally at that point in the year where it’s socially acceptable to wear it. Bring out the white jeans and lace sundresses!

As I’ve mentioned, two piece sets are one of my very favorite things for spring/summer. I especially love this one because of its white and nude combo. It has such a clean look to it that I’m really into. This isn’t exactly the type of outfit you wear to go meet your boyfriend’s parents, however, there is a certain time and place for these sorts of things. This set is the perfect thing to wear if you’re grabbing some drinks with the girls or heading to a music festival.

I paired it with some tall, chunky wedges for more of a going out look but I can totally see an outfit like this with some cute lace up flats or gladiator sandals. For the finishing touches, I just threw on a classic handbag and I was ready to go. Unfortunately this exact set is no longer available, but I have some similar items linked up down below. Cheers to white being back in season!


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