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Photos by Lauren Guanti

Every time I sit down to design something or go to pick out an outfit, I envision a bigger picture. I always have something in my head that I’m trying to convey. One of my very favorite things about blogging is making these visions come to life with photography. This outfit said soft, whimsical, and romantic so I had to find a setting that embodied those things. What I pictured when I thought of those key words were soft pinks and greens, flowers, and an open field.

I understand that for some of you that probably sounds like some artsy fartsy mumbo jumbo. But, my point in touching on that portion of my creative process is the importance of a setting. Whenever you’re dressing yourself, think about where you’re going and the sort of “vibe” that goes with that place. This is such a huge part of the expression side of fashion for me, and is something that I feel like a lot of people don’t tend to think about. Just a little food for thought.

The main part of my outfit that really inspired this look was the jeans. I love printed jeans, but it can be tough to find florals during this time of year. For most people, anything floral says spring time. These are uniquely fall/winter in that they are wax coated. This coating gives them a thick, leather like appearance that’s good for colder weather. What I really love about these jeans is their metallic sheen. It’s subtle, but gives them that whimsical feel that inspired this shoot.

Other than settings another big source of inspiration for me is texture. I love the smooth texture that the wax coating gives these jeans, so I contrasted that with this fuzzy sweater. Like the jeans, it has some metallic gold woven in so the two paired together well. I also really like that this sweater is cropped because for most of October it hasn’t been cold enough for a full on sweater. Thanks to Hurricane Patricia, the temperatures have dropped pretty dramatically in Austin over the past 24 hours. Fingers crossed that this chillier weather is here to stay! Call me basic, but I love my sweaters.

I finished off this look with one of my absolute favorite fall items: riding boots. I love this particular pair so much that I actually own them in three different colors. They’re super comfortable and they have a slight heel that gives me an extra inch or two… Short girl probs. The color I am wearing here is no longer available, but I have the same style linked up down below and it comes in black, espresso, and olive. If you’re looking for a new go-to pair of riding boots this season then look no further!

When accessorizing it’s always important to pick out a couple of the colors from your outfit that you want to highlight. Since I was going for a softer look, I chose pinks and the golds. Keeping that in mind, I went with a blush pink pair of earrings and this metallic woven bucket bag for a look that was whimsical and romantic from head to toe.







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Sweater: H&M (no longer available)
Pants: Juicy Couture (no longer available)
Boots: Donald J. Pliner (color no longer available)
Handbag: Vintage
Earrings: BCBG Maxazria (no longer available)


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