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Happy Hump Day y’all! This has been one crazy week. I went to the Thrive Creative Conference over the weekend and stayed downtown at The Westin for a little staycation. I had so much fun but I’ve been playing catch up all week! And it seems like every meeting, every event, and all of the wedding things have been happening all at once lately. In the midst of all the craziness, I have managed to get a few more things crossed off of my wedding planning list, so I thought I’d share a little update with all of you today!

-We shot our engagement photos and got them back from my photographer and friend, Brandon Hill, this past week. We are both thrilled with the way they turned out. The photo up above is a little sneak peek! I’ll be sharing the rest of them on here sometime soon. Stay tuned!

-Since we have our venue, band, and catering company booked, we’ve been able to move onto the really fun stuff—the aesthetics and decor! I toured two rental companies this month and found some really cool things. We have a romantic meets boho meets French kinda theme going. I don’t have any pictures to share of our exact items because we are still trying to finalize those, but the photos down below are some of my favorites that I pulled from my wedding Pinterest board.

wedding table inspiration

vintage floral plates wedding

wedding table inspiration

wedding centerpiece

-I also found a florist that I am so so happy with! Check out her Instagram and website to see why I fell in love with her work. I’ve also set a color palette! Check out my inspiration photos below.

blush pink wedding bouquet

romantic wedding bouquet

-This past week we went to a group tasting hosted by our caterers. It was basically like a little party where they had a lot of their most popular dishes set up buffet style for everyone to try! You guys… I ate so. much. food. And they also had a bar set up with mixed drinks, beer, and wine so I was pretty much in heaven. We’re feeling pretty confident about our choice to use Word of Mouth! We have a private tasting set up this weekend where we will get to taste a few more things and finalize our menu. So pumped!

-Last but certainly not least, we went to our very first cake tasting! It didn’t really blow my socks off though. Y’all know I’m all about the food so I want our cakes to be amazing! I care way more about the taste than having some elaborate design. To be honest the whole thing wasn’t exactly what we expected. The place we went served us plain little mini cupcake versions with the icing on the side. This makes perfect sense but for some reason my mom and I both had this idea in our heads that we would be getting actual slices… We blamed Gilmore Girls for putting this picture in our head. Anyone else remember the cake tasting scene?

naked wedding cake

naked wedding cake

As we have started adding on all of these additional things, I also wanted to touch on the importance of setting budget or just simply a value system of what’s most important to you. I’ve gotten quotes back that don’t seem crazy high, but this stuff can add up quickly! You also want to make sure that you’re getting a fair deal. Some things just cost what they cost, but there are always options. My wedding planners always have my back on this one, but I’ve also been utilizing the WeddingWire cost guide so I can view average costs and reviews on different vendors. Up next is scheduling more cake tastings, finding a hair and makeup artist, ordering bridesmaid’s dresses… and probably about 1000 other things that I’m forgetting. Wish me luck!

*All inspiration photos were sourced from Pinterest.

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