wedding dress

wedding dress

wedding dress

Happy Saturday friends! I don’t usually publish blog posts over the weekend, but all of the holiday festivities have gotten me a little off schedule—which has truthfully been nice, because I was actually able to take a little time off. Anyway, I promise I’ll get back to my usual posting schedule next week!

For today’s post I wanted to share some wedding updates with you guys. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted much of anything about the planning process, and we’ve *thankfully* been able to cross a few major things off our list recently! Here’s what we’ve gotten done so far:

-We found a venue that we love and were able to set a date for fall of 2018.

-Our venue also does catering and we have a tasting set up in January. I think this is what I’m most excited for… #foodie

-I went to Dallas with my mom and my friend Ashlyn a couple weeks ago to look at wedding dresses. I think I found “the one” but we are going to look a little more. I filmed a fun wedding dress try-on video so be sure to check that out on my YouTube channel.

-We have officially booked a band as of yesterday! This one took quite a lot of time… There were so many choices and a lot of back and forth emails and phone calls, but I’m really excited about completing this step! Austin and I both really love music and feel like the band really sets the tone of the evening—so this was a big one for us.

-I finished putting together all of my bridesmaids boxes this past week and was able to give them to my brother’s girlfriend Ashlyn and two of my friends from high school while I was home for the holidays. I’m shooting to ask the rest of my girls over the next couple of weeks!

I’ve been using a wedding planner that has been a huge help, but I’ve also been checking out Wedding Wire a lot because I can read reviews/ratings from other brides on lots of different vendors. If you create an account, you also have access to forums where you can connect with other couples and ask questions!

It’s been such a great resource because… I honestly have no idea what I’m doing haha. I’m just rolling with it and trying to enjoy the process and get stuff done without stressing too much. Next up is bridesmaids dresses, a cake (this means tastings, holla), and maybe flowers? Like I said, I’ve got no clue what I’m doing. Stay tuned for more updates!


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