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Photos by Lyda McIver 

I guess it’s just part of being a fashion design major, but I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to fabric. Every time I go shopping I’m always checking the labels to see what different garments are made of, fiber content, etc. Suede is one of my very favorite fabrics. I love it’s thick, soft texture as well as it’s versatility. When it’s done correctly, suede is something that can be worn year round and it always looks chic.

I recently bought this BCBG suede top and skirt and needless to say… I’m in love. Max Azria really killed it this year with his spring collection. The muted neutral colors are appropriate for this time of year, but can also be transitioned into the fall later on down the road. Additionally, these are both pieces that could be styled in many different ways due to their simplicity. Sometimes less really is more.

BCBG is a bit of a higher price point, and suede is usually more expensive anyway. However, I consider both of these pieces to be an investment that you can wear again and again. You can go for a head to toe suede ensemble like I did here, or you could wear these pieces separately as well for a less suede obsessed look. I have both the top and skirt linked up down below along with a similar pair of wedges. Why not celebrate the weekend with a little splurge? #treatyoself


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