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Photos by Lyda McIver 

Jeans are one of those items that if you invest in a good pair, they will last you for a long time. Plus they’re always in style and a basic pair can be worn year round. However, let’s be real… most of us like to have more than one pair of jeans. Some of us may even want something trendier or season specific rather than something traditional. If this is the case, look no further than Topshop for some spring jeans.

While I do firmly believe that a basic pair of jeans can be worn all throughout the year, I do like a little variety. I typically associate a darker wash jean for the fall or winter and a lighter wash for spring and summer. I like to invest in a good pair of each, but I tend to go a more affordable route for trendier things. Take for example, these jeans. I love the stylish holes in the knees, but I’m not going to pay $200 for a pair of jeans that are ripped up.

If all of this is resonating with you, you’ve got to check out Topshop jeans. Depending on the pair, they retail around just 70 bucks. I especially love this pair for spring because they are super lightweight and comfortable! Thick denim is great for colder months, but it gets hot down here in Texas. These jeans could go with just about anything, but I paired them with a simple floral top, nude wedges, and a fun fringe handbag for a casual spring time look.


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