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Photos by Sissy Martin

First of all, sorry I’ve been kind of MIA lately. I had the privilege to be a part of a week long debutante tradition in San Antonio called Fiesta. It was been tons of fun but with that being said… I’ve been crazy busy and sleep deprived. Now that I’m back in Austin, I finally had to time to sit down and write this post—and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve teamed up with Saint Bernard, which is an awesome boutique in downtown Austin. I’m not much of boutique shopper. I typically stick to my tried and true department stores, but Saint Bernard has a great selection of clothes, accessories, shoes, and gifts that I love. I love their selection so much, in fact, that this entire outfit (minus the shoes and choker) are all items you can purchase in the store right now.

This two piece palm tree set is just the cutest. It’s comfy, and perfect for the inevitable summer heat that is about to be upon us. And get this—it’s super affordable! The top and shorts are both $35 each. Not too bad for us gals on a college budget. My sunglasses are more of a splurge, but they’re definitely worth the price. Ray-Ban, step aside because these Randolph babies are the original Aviators.

I finished off the look with a black shoulder bag, also from Saint Bernard. This little purse is just the right size for going out or running errands. It fits all of the essentials without getting in the way, and it’s another affordable item with a price tag of just $44. For the finishing touches I added a cool pair of lace up wedges from Forever 21 and a black leather choker that I made myself with some leftover fabric from my last design project.

If you like this look, you have to come check out Saint Bernard’s. Now here’s the exciting part: I am going to be hosting an event there with a couple other of other local bloggers on Wednesday, April 27th. There will be refreshments, a raffle, and $10 off coupons. I have linked up almost all of the items I am wearing down below, but my top and shorts are new items that are not yet online. I better be seeing y’all there! Check out the Facebook event page for the rest of the details.


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