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Photos by Brandon Hill

I have always struggled with those in-between-casual-but-still-cute outfits. I feel like I’m either really dressed up with a full face of makeup on, or dressed way down in activewear with no makeup and my hair up in a bun. This has been acceptable for college life, but as my time at UT comes to a close, I’ve been working on building my wardrobe with casual chic pieces for those days when I need to look cute, but not too dressy. Ya feel me?

Obviously my number one thing with these types of outfits is always comfort. Living in Austin where parking is limited, if I am out and about for the day I can always expect to be doing some walking. Furthermore, as we begin to approach the summer, temperatures have already begun to rise and will continue to do so. The last thing I want in this Texas heat is to be uncomfortable AND hot and sweaty. It makes me feel gross just thinking about it!

Today’s look is pretty much the epitome of my definition of casual chic. It’s comfortable and easy, but still cute enough for a business-y lunch or a fun day out with friends. This off-the-shoulder top is trendy and cute, but it’s so soft and very breathable with the loose bell sleeves. These shorts are also a looser fit making them extra comfortable for hot summer days. Lastly, I completed the look with some classic white sneakers that are perfect for walking. What more could a girl want? Get the details down below!


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