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Ether: the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds; the heavens

The word ether, also spelled aether, has Greek beginnings meaning “pure, fresh air” or “clear sky.” In Greek mythology it was believed to be the pure essence breathed only by the gods. It filled the space where they lived, as opposed to the normal air breathed by mortals down below.

Into the Ether depicts a heavenly utopia, a whimsical and carefree place devoid of all the woes of mortal life. We chose to focus on a simple return to nature, purity, and innocence—represented by the open field and the white garments worn by the models.

While our world is far from perfect, we oftentimes forget to take a moment to appreciate all of the beauty and goodness that surrounds us. The purpose of this shoot is to remind ourselves of this simple goodness, and to evoke a sense of ethereal peace.

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Photographer: Hannah Laamoumi

HMUA: Maiya Evans, Rachel Spross

Models: Rachel Spross, Caitlin Topham, Rachel Real


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