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lace wedding dress

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Of all the details of a wedding, the dress is definitely one of the most important things. It’s in all of your pictures (which will most likely hang on your wall forever so no pressure), it’s generally what is most remembered by your guests, and not to mention it needs to be something that not only captures your unique style, but that’s also comfortable since you’re going to be wearing it for a long period of time.

To be honest, it took me a long time to find “the one.” I’m generally always really sure of myself, but all of the different options had me feeling really overwhelmed! I recently visited De Ma Fille bridal salon (it’s French inspired so I loved it) in Fort Worth, Texas where I got to try on tons of different styles and silhouettes from Essense of Australia, a leading bridal fashion brand.

What I love about this wedding dress line is the variety. Essense of Australia has a huge selection that can cater to just about anyone’s personal taste and style—plus the workmanship and the fabrics are top notch. Furthermore, simply trying on this wide array of dresses helped me better pinpoint exactly what it was that I was looking for. If you’re still looking for that perfect dress, step number one is finding your style.

Figuring out what style and fit you are wanting helps to narrow down your choices. The wedding industry is huge so there are about a million different options out there otherwise! Try on a few dresses with completely different fits and decide what’s the most flattering, comfortable, and goes with the theme of your wedding. From there, you can get more specific on other design elements such as lace, beading, and color.

To help you get started, I’ve put the dresses I tried on into different categories:

1. simple & elegant (dresses 1 & 5)

Think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jacqueline Kennedy. Both of these dresses that I’ve put into this category are classic yet modern and sophisticated at the same time. The first is an A-line fit, and the second is a mermaid style. Both are extremely popular and probably the most well represented silhouettes on the market. It’s up to you what you feel most comfortable in/what best fits your body type! If your style is more minimalist, this look might be the one for you.

2. traditional (dresses 2, 4, & 6)

Crisp, pure white. Lots of lace. Covered buttons… These are just a few elements of traditional bridal gowns. This best fits brides (in my personal opinion) whose wedding is also going in more of a conventional direction i.e. having the ceremony in a church rather than at a venue or destination. OR if you’re a bride who simply wants classic wedding decor and/or customs (white roses, bride and groom figurines on top of a tiered cake, a flower girl) this could also be a great fit!

3. ball gown (dress 3)

If a fairytale wedding is more what you’re after, look no further than a ball gown! Some keywords that come to mind are romantic and whimsical. Generally these types of dresses are A-line with pretty beadwork like the one I tried on. Serious Cinderella vibes, right? This particular gown also had a blush tint to it so it was not pure white. I’ve also seen dresses in this style in a pale lavender and a powder blue.

For all of my fellow brides out there: if you’re feeling overwhelmed with this big decision and all of the different choices like I was, I hope this post has been helpful for you. I categorized all of these bridal gowns based on my design knowledge (I was a fashion design major in college) and my own personal opinions. Ultimately you gotta do you! This is just what was helpful for me. Lastly, I want to stress that whichever dress you choose will end up being perfect so enjoy the process! I’ll hit y’all up with another wedding update soon.

This post was sponsored by Essense of Australia. All opinions are my own.

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