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Photos by Pearlsnap Photography

Filling in your brows is an essential step in any makeup routine. Whether you’re doing a dramatic smokey eye or something light and natural, defining those eyebrows correctly is a must-do. It oftentimes gets neglected, but it truly makes such a difference! The key is not to overdo it—but if you follow these simple steps, I guarantee that your brows will be #onfleek.

Step 1.

First, you will need an eyebrow pencil that matches the color of your hair (i.e. blonde). I recommend getting one with a spoolie on one end so you can brush your brows as needed during this process. I typically begin by brushing my brows slightly upwards.

Using your eyebrow pencil, lightly (if you press too hard it’ll look like you have tattooed brows) begin to fill in your brows. I also tend to do this in an upward motion. This helps to create the desired shape and dimension before we go into the next step. I like to start with a pencil because it is the easiest to control, and if you mess up it’s easy to fix.

Step 2.

After you’ve finished getting your brows shaped with your pencil, you’ll also want to go in with a brow powder. I personally just use a matte eye shadow that is close to my hair color. If you have lighter hair like me, I recommend opting for a shade that’s just a tad darker to make those brows pop.

The key to this step is definitely the brush. I use an angled eyeshadow brush because I think it gives the most natural look and applies the shadow evenly. Starting at the widest part of your brow, dust some shadow on to darken them up. You’ll want more color to be concentrated in this part of your eyebrow and gradually lighten up as you get to the skinnier end.

Step 3.

Now that you’ve got your brows pretty well filled in, the final step is to lock those bad boys in place. For this, you’ll definitely want a brow gel. I feel like a lot of people skip this step, but it’s probably the most important one of all. You don’t want all of your hard work from the previous steps rubbing off during the day, do ya?!

My favorite brow gel is the Sourcils Styler from Lancome. I use the shade ‘blond’ to put on the finishing touches. It does also come in clear, but I like the tinted one because it adds a little bit more definition that you just can’t get with a pencil or shadow. Furthermore, it is specially formulated to color hairnot skin. It is a little pricier, but you only use a small amount at a time so it’ll last for awhile. I’ve got it all linked up down below with the rest of my favorite brow products!

This post was sponsored by Lancome. All opinions are my own. 


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