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the hamilton turner inn savannah

I’ve already talked quite a bit about the Hamilton-Turner Inn on Instagram and I mentioned it in this post from earlier this week, but I loved this place so much that I decided to dedicate an entire post to it. You know something is good when it get its own post!

I grew up doing quite a bit of traveling, so I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to stay in a lot of places. I say this to add some perspective for what I’m about to say next—and that is that the Hamilton-Turner has easily made it into my top 5 places I’ve ever stayed. Like, ever.

That’s a bold statement, I know. But read on to find out exactly why I am so obsessed with this place…

the hamilton turner inn savannah

the hamilton turner inn savannah

1. The Decor

I am 100% an ambiance person. When I go anywhere, the first thing I take notice of is always the decor and the vibe. And I gotta say… I was diggin’ the Hamilton-Turner’s vibe right away. I walked in and quickly decided that this place was quite possibly going to be heaven on earth. Lucky for me, my first impression ended up being correct.

The two photos up above are from the parlor room. This room was my favorite in the house, and is where most of the guests hang out. It’s the main sitting area and is also where the wine and cheese is served at 5:00 pm and where the warm chocolate chip cookies are served at 8:00 pm every. single. day. Like I said, heaven on earth y’all!

the hamilton turner inn savannah

the hamilton turner inn savannah

the hamilton turner inn savannah

2. The Food

As I mentioned, the Hamilton-Turner has a daily wine and cheese hour at 5:00, and fresh chocolate chip cookies with port wine at 8:00. On top of all of that, you also get breakfast during your stay as well. Being a huge foodie, this was something I really appreciated and looked forward to throughout my time there.

The breakfast and the food served during the little happy hour change daily so you don’t have to worry about getting the same thing. The first morning we were there they served us blueberry french toast with eggs and sausage (pictured up above) along with a buffet area complete with yogurt, homeade granola, and pound cake. It was delish!

the hamilton turner inn savannah

the hamilton turner inn savannah

3. Cozy Rooms

No two rooms are exactly alike at the Hamilton-Turner. If you look on their website you can see photos of each room and choose which one you’d like to stay in, based on availability. My mom and I actually stayed in the first pictured room the first night, and then the other room pictured our second night because someone else had booked our first room. Switching rooms was well worth it though because we got to experience two different ones that way.

If you don’t want to swap rooms or if you are planning a longer trip, I highly recommend getting a jump on things and making your reservations well in advance. The Hamilton-Turner does tend to fill up and there are only a limited amount of rooms. However, no matter which room you stay in, I feel certain that you will enjoy your stay as much as I did!

Other Things to Note:

1. Unfortunately there is no designated parking area for the Hamilton-Turner. But, there is typically a good amount of parking on the neighboring side streets. Click here for information about getting a street parking pass in Savannah. Once you do park, I recommend staying put. Savannah is a very walkable city and the Hamilton-Turner is in a prime location right in the center of the Historic District.

2. Since the Hamilton-Turner is technically a house and not a giant commercial hotel, you can expect normal “house noises.” It is an old house, so you can hear creaks and such from time to time. If things like this bother you at night, maybe consider bringing a sound machine along. Or, opt for a room on the third floor so no one will be walking around above you.

3. You can expect friendly guests who will want to talk to you. The Hamilton-Turner is a small bed and breakfast, so it is more intimate than staying at a big hotel. People will want to chit chat a little bit during the wine and cheese hour, and over the cookies. If you’re more of an introvert or just like your alone time, I’d suggest taking your food up to your room to enjoy it privately.


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