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Photos by Brandon Hill

Distressed jeans and floral embroidery: two of my favorite things. Put them together and you’ve got yourself one killer combo. These shorts are no exception! Edgy meets romantic with the faded denim, frayed hem, and pastel flowers. If I could sum up my style in one single garment… These shorts would definitely be in the running.

Not only are they great to look at, but these shorts are also a great fit. Personally, I really struggle to find shorts that I feel comfortable in and that actually fit me well in the waist. These shorts run true to size, don’t gape open in the back, and aren’t too cheeky for my taste.

I will say that these shorts are about $100, which is a bit more than I’d typically spend on denim shorts. However, they are good quality, covered with intricate embroidery, and actually fit well so I feel like they are worth the splurge. Additionally, with all of the colors in the embroidery these shorts have lots of mixing and matching potential. Treat yourself to a pair down below!


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