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Photos by Aiden Park

We haven’t exactly had a very cold winter here in Texas and spring is right around the corner. However, it’s technically still winter for a little while longer so there are sure to be a few more cold days ahead. All you can do to combat this crazy, unpredictable weather of ours is to dress for the morning chill AND the afternoon heat.

The stores are starting to bring out their spring merchandise, so that means all of the winter stuff is going on salewhich is precisely how I scored this colorful fur coat. I was dying to wear it even though it’s been unseasonably warm. To make this look happen without getting too hot, I paired it with a basic gray crop top from Forever 21.

This little crop top was the perfect thing to go under my multicolored coat. It’s really lightweight and airy so it kept me cool. Plus, it’s very simple so it doesn’t clash with the coat. And get this… It only cost me $7.00! If you’re looking for plain tops like this, Forever 21 is the place to go. They probably aren’t the best quality, but for seven bucks, I’m not complaining.

I wanted to accessorize with silver to tie in the gray from my coat and my gray top. These two beautiful pyrite Gems by Nat necklaces were just the thing! Gems by Nat is a local handmade jewelry line by Natalie Hamouie. The pieces I’m wearing can be purchased at C.Jane boutique or by special order. This is awesome one of a kind quality jewelry y’all! Be sure to check out Natalie’s Gems by Nat Instagram page for other styles.

Styling the rest of this outfit was as easy as throwing on one of my favorite pairs of Frame jeans. I know I’ve talked about this brand before, but if you’re looking for a nice pair of jeans look no further than Frame Denim. They’re a little pricey, but a total investment that you’ll wear again and again. Lastly, I went with pair of snakeskin booties to spice things up.



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Coat: Cusp (similar)
Top: Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans: Frame
Booties: Target (similar)
Handbag: Gucci (similar)
Necklaces: Gems by Nat


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