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Photo by Claire Huntsberger
Name: Payton Sartain
Age: 21
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
School/Major: Texas A&M University, Majoring in Political Science and Minoring in Sociology
Occupation: Student & Intern

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I met Payton about a year and a half ago at yet another one of Texas’ typical debutante affairs, Texas Rose Festival. We’ve kinda connected more recently over our blogs (aka I ask her random stuff because I’m a newb). She’s definitely not just another blonde Texas debutante (and I maintain the same about myself… probably why I like her so much). She moved to L.A. to intern for an awesome line, For Love and Lemons. She also has her own fashion and lifestyle blog, Hustle + Halcyon 
where she features everything from her own personal (kickass) style to health and wellness tips to yummy recipes. This girl has really got her sh*t together. But what’s my favorite thing about Payton (besides her style)?
She keeps it real.

RS: How long have you been blogging?

PS: I have been blogging since April 2014, which is when I started my previous blog, Ramblings of a Wild One, to use as a running resume for a Fashion PR & Social Media internship that I wanted in Los Angeles. Once I got the internship and made the move out to LA, I rebranded & relaunched as Hustle + Halcyon. H+H has been live since January of 2015!

RS: What do you like best about blogging?

PS: Oh let me count the ways…. First off, it’s a wonderful creative outlet. I’m never bored, which was something I struggled with my first few years of college. I was kind of in a rut, and actively doing & thinking about something that had nothing to do with class put me back on track again. Blogging just makes me a better, more inspired, & happier human. Second, I love the people blogging has connected me with! I’ve made some really freakin’ amazing blog friends (yeah…. that’s a thing) since I started, and we all support and love on each others’ content regularly. It’s a really friendly online environment amidst all of the nastiness that goes along with sharing your life on the internet/social media. My fav blogger babes are Tifany from HauteMess Mag (http://hautemessmag.com), Jenna from Balance and Chaos (http://balanceandchaos.com), & Megan from Boho Nouveau (http://bohonouveau.blogspot.com). Lastly, and this may sound cheesy, but I love reaching other girls who find what I’m doing inspiring. Yeah, I know, it seems dumb to say that posting about my outfits, eating habits, and beauty tips is ‘inspiring,’ but I’ve gotten quite an influx of messages & e-mails that prove H+H has been a source of inspiration for some! If I can help at least one badass chick go tackle whatever it is that she wants to do (which is what I did when I left college for a semester & moved to California to pursue this obsession with all things style), I’ve done something pretty killer. Don’t ya think?

RS: What do you feel like is the hardest part about having a blog?

PS: The hardest part about having a blog, for me, has definitely been dealing with people’s reactions to my blog & my social media channels. Where I’m from, as many reading this can probably understand, most girls don’t blog (at least when I started, they didn’t) or post themselves wearing clothes on their Instagrams. It’s ‘weird’ or ‘trying too hard.’ That was definitely the most difficult thing at first: the judgement. I stayed focussed, however, and tried to keep my eyes on the prize from the very beginning. It’s hugely important, as an influencer, to brand yourself (if you want to make any money in the long-run), and that means sharing your face (maybe a few selfies… though I try to keep these to a minimum) and your style on your Instagram feed & online. Now, I make money & get to work with some pretty KILLER brands because of my blog & social media presence. I think enduring all the shit-talking was worth it x1239430.

RS: How did you get into blogging?

PS: I decided (in January of 2014) that I was sick of college courses & partying at Northgate, and that I needed to get out and do something a little different/scary for a bit. My goal was to take the Spring 2015 semester off (because I was a little ahead in my degree) & move to Los Angeles, California to work in fashion. As a Political Science major (and at the time, a Law School hopeful), I knew that many of the larger women’s contemporary fashion brands would be like….. ‘wtf do you know about fashion & why in the world do you want to do this?’ So, I started my previous blog to prove I could keep up with posting & researching regularly, show of my social media abilities & my capacity to learn quickly, and display my sense of style. Welp… the plan worked out seamlessly, and I have a sweet PR & Social Media internship (with the women’s fashion brand: For Love & Lemons) on my resume because of it.

RS: What does fashion mean to you?

PS: Fashion is all about having fun with your personal aesthetic. I’ve always been an extremely visual person, so playing around with my style has been a large part of my life since… well, forever (yes, even when my fashion-of-choice was dressing like a boy from ages 7-9). Fashion, to me, is whatever-the-F I want to wear. Style/Fashion should be fun & freeing (even if you’re in sweats & a t-shirt, aka what I’m wearing at this very moment).

RS: How would you describe your own personal style?

PS: My personal style usually involves some sort of contrast. For example, I like to wear girly, gauzy maxi dresses with heavy, chunky jewelry and some sort of off-setting texture. I’m also obsessed with really short-shorts or mini skirts with long sleeves or sweaters (ESP when over-the-knee boots are involved). I’d say it’s a little bit scandalous, a little bit feminine, and a little bit edgy/badass. And it’s always evolving.

RS: What’s your favorite fashion trend?

PS: Right now, I’m really loving all the 70s-Inspired styles. Suede, fringe, bell-bottoms, round sunnies… I love it all.

RS: What item in your closet can you not live without?

PS: Oh, gahhh. This is hard. I guess I would have to say my favorite white tank made by Project Social T, found at Urban Outfitters. It goes with everything, it fits flawlessly, and its really comfortable.

RS: What is your go-to beauty product? (makeup, hair care, etc.)

PS: I can’t live without my Chanel Aqualumiere tinted moisturizer. It is often the only makeup I wear (I am the WORST at makeup, I’ve noticed) because it’s light, moisturizing & has SPF. I’ve been using it for 2-3 years now (& you can find it at most department stores!).

RS: Who are your fashion/style icons?

PS: My celebrity style icon is definitely Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She makes everything look unreal amazing. If you haven’t stalked her style, I recommend it. Right now, my other favorite is blogger Julie Sarinana of ‘Sincerely Jules.’ She is SO good with color/texture. Style Boss/Idol.

RS: Where are some of your favorite places to shop? Favorite brands?

PS: If I need to not spend a gazillion dollars, I like H&M, TOPSHOP, a few of the cheaper brands on Revolve Clothing (like BB Dakota & Lucy Paris), Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal and SOMETIMES Forever21 (if I have a ton of time to browse). I have a few favorite local boutiques that I frequent: Pine in College Station, Bee Hive & Esther Penn in Fort Worth, and too many in Los Angeles to name. Vintage shopping is a new favorite of mine, but only in LA (Melrose Trading Post on Sundays & the tons of shops on Melrose Ave). If I’m down to spend a little more, I like Revolve, Planet Blue, Free People, Shopbop, Van De Vort, Gilt & stores with that vibe. As far as my favorite brands: Chloe & Isabel Marant are life. For Love & Lemons is also so beautiful… wait until y’all see the fall collection! It’s to-die-for.

RS: How does life in LA compare to life here in Texas?

PS: Living in Los Angeles is better & worse than living in TX. Things that make Texas better than LA: 1) Friends, family, & generally friendly people, 2) Lots of space, 3) Traffic isn’t the worst thing on the planet, 4) did I mention the people?????. Things that make LA better than Texas (at least where I’m from): 1) The weather… is unbelievable. It makes me WANT to get out of bed in the morning, 2) Most people are up-and-at-em, doing things that they are passionate about and pretty supportive of each others’ passions, 3) There is SO much to do ( & mostly everything can be done outdoors.. in that perfect weather I addressed earlier), i.e. hiking, beaching, tons of places to eat/drink, tons of cool events and meetups, etc., 4) The energy in this city is absolutely invigorating & it gives you a hopeful, free feeling, 5) there are one million other amazing things about LA that will be included in my upcoming Los Angeles City Guide on H+H!

RS: What is your best advice for new bloggers?

PS: 1. Be yourself. Readers can tell when you aren’t being genuine, and they probably won’t come back for more awkward, forced writing. Harsh, but true. Use your own words (I use my own made-up vocabulary all. the. time.) and your own voice. 2. Keep going… most beginning bloggers don’t gain very much exposure for quite some time, so continue to grind it out (& enjoy this time! It’s the best time to make mistakes/learn about yourself and your brand). 3. Finally, in the words of Jennifer Lawrence, “Don’t worry about the bitches.” People will probably make fun of you… but who really cares..?

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