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Photos by Brandon Hill

healthy hair tips

healthy hair tips

healthy hair tips

healthy hair tips

healthy hair tips

healthy hair tips

It’s no secret that healthy hair = beautiful hair! The better you care for your hair, the better it will look. While most hair tips depend on what kind of hair you have, when it comes to hair health there are a few simple, universal tips that are sure to do wonders no matter what your hair type is.

1. Minimize Heat

I know this one can be a little difficult, but it’s a well known fact that excessive heat damages your hair. I encourage everyone to embrace their natural hair and save the blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener for special occasions or a night out. When you do need to style your hair with heat, be sure to use a heat protectant spray! This one is my favorite.

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

This is another widely accepted tip, but if you can put it into practice it makes such a difference. Back in high school I used to wash my hair every. single. day. Not only did it dry my hair out, but it also took up so much time! Hit the snooze button and try washing your hair every other day. I personally only wash my hair every couple of days depending on how sweaty I get during my workouts or what kinds of events/plans I have for the week.

3. Buy the Right Products

Using products without lots of chemicals and added sulfates is extremely beneficial to your overall hair health—especially if you color your hair. I have some of my go-to products linked up at the end of this post. My favorite products are sea salt spray for easy no-heat styling and dry shampoo. I also like to take a biotin supplement!

4. Find a Good Salon

When I first moved to Austin five years ago, one of the first things I started looking for was a hair salon. It has taken me all of those five years to finally find the right one. The key is finding a stylist that will be honest with you, and keep the overall health of your hair top of mind. Additionally, if you do color or highlight your hair… it is always worth it to pay more and get it done in a salon. For all of my Austin gals, I highly recommend Keith Kristofer Salon!

5. Get Regular Trims

After you find the right salon, you’re going to want to start booking regular trims. Trimming off dead ends will not only keep your hair healthier, it will also make your hair grow faster!

This post was sponsored by Eva NYC. All opinions are my own.


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